Long-term investment assets and portfolio

Date of analysis: 29 June 2020

By Rizami Annuar

Long-term growth is an investment strategy aimed at increasing the value of a portfolio over a period of several years.

One aspect that long-term assets and portfolio don’t have in common with the Covid-19 is that the Covid-19 pandemic will subside in the long run, but long-term investments will continue to rise.

Investment ideas:

  1. Investing $100 a Month in Stocks for 30 Years

  2. Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA). See also How cost averaging works in market peaks and troughs

Despite the uptrends and downtrends or the “zigzag pattern” or the peaks and troughs, all of the following investment assets and portfolio keep rising year after year. Comparing the blue line (loess smooth line) on cumulative charts for investment assets and portfolio and the Covid-19, the increase in value and the decreasing pandemic are very clear.